Janet Crown

janet crown

Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it. 

Burn 60 Owner and Founder, Janet Crown was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.  Janet moved to Los Angeles in 1994 to join Creative Artists Agency (CAA) before venturing out on her own and founding Burn 60® Studios.

Mother of five, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and children’s author, Janet opened the doors to Burn 60 ten years ago with a very specific client in mind: Busy professionals who value their health and thrive on the physical benefits of fitness but need to find a balanced efficient workout while juggling kids, family and work. She wanted to create a motivating, effective, high-intensity group workout for both men and women that would make the most of 60 minutes.

Burn 60 certifies its trainers in personalized interval group instruction. The interval concept is designed to be the most efficient, inspiring workout; the trainers modify each workout so all fitness levels can participate. Today, each Burn 60 class is designed by expert trainers who are dedicated to improving our clients' lives in 60 minutes, just 4% of their day.

Since Burn 60 opened red doors in 2005, over 7,000 clients have benefited from the best equipment, #1 Woodway Treadmills and the signature full body workout. More than a boutique fitness studio, Burn 60 offers a lifestyle, a community, and a destination for all fitness enthusiasts including professionals, executives, athletes, models, celebrities and kids over 12.

Burn 60 Studios isn’t just in the business of changing bodies, the goal is to motivate you and give you the opportunity to make the most out of every minute of every day, 60 minutes at a time. Janet can often be seen taking classes all over the L.A. area, as the entrepreneur in her is always looking to keep Burn 60 on the pulse of what’s new.

Now, Burn 60 is happy to announce the opening of West Hollywood in 2015.