Emily Jacques


"The mind and body are not separate - what affects one, affects the other" 

After graduating university, and working in a few 9-5s I just felt I didn’t have the passion or drive for what I was doing. Fitness had always been a great love of mine, I kept very active and it often saved me and gave me a way to let out my ‘9-5 sat at a desk frustration’ so I decided that I could no longer be that person, and I wanted to turn my passion into a job. I started to train in a few group exercises programs I loved (back in the UK) and I started to build up classes and a following much quicker than I thought. It was one of those times where I thought ‘WHY HAVE I NOT DONE THIS SOONER!!’ I loved it and knew I’d found my calling! As a trainer sometimes it’s hard to find workouts that push you to YOUR limits- and Burn truly does that, and I LOVE it!  

Instagram: @queencaffeinefitness