I’m not a trainer, fitness expert or coach of any kind. Just like you - I am the client.

Time is a precious commodity in most people’s lives and like a lot of people today, I wear many hats and have to be very organized and prioritize how I spend every hour of my day. I’m a mother of 5, a wife, sister, daughter, and friend. I’m also an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who believes that every day is an opportunity to do better in each aspect of my life.

Fitness has always been a priority in my life, so in 2005 I opened Burn 60 Studios. The goal was to create a personalized boutique fitness facility that offered a variety of fun, challenging, effective and motivating workouts led by the most knowledgeable trainers in LA. At that time, we were the only boutique studio on the West side. We have had the same loyal customers since opening our doors 12 years ago- because we care about our clients and our training methodology works. After every Burn workout we guarantee that you will walk out the door happier, healthier, stronger and become more productive. 

Since opening that first studio in Brentwood, we have listened, learned, lost, achieved and grown. We have been fortunate to have outstanding team members throughout this journey.  As boutique fitness studios starting popping up all over town, we stayed true to our core competencies. We are not a trend. High intensity full body interval training – taught properly - will never go out of style.

Train Hard. Train Happy. 

Janet Crown - Burn 60 Founder